2019 Summit Program and Materials

Monday October 28

12pm        Opening Luncheon  Sponsored by Bank of America

2pm         The Past– Founding Board Members & the FLACDC Vision Sponsored by SeaCoast Bank and Synovus Bank
Join FLACDC’s founding board members and advisors: Terri Murray, Maurice Mickens, Gerald Chester, Arden Shank, Janet Hamer and Annetta Jenkins as they discuss why they worked so hard to create the Alliance, how it got going, what they think about its progress and what they hope to see in its future.
Moderated by  Iris Jones,VP, CRA Officer, SeaCoast Bank and
Cheryl Banks, Affordable Housing Specialist, Synovus Bank

3:15 pm The Future—Strategies for Achieving Equity Sponsored by JPMorgan Chase
What is ‘equity’? How do we define it or even talk about it? How do social, racial and wealth
inequities impact our communities? Join us for a conversation focusing on the data documenting inequity, the policy initiatives designed to reduce it and the strategies being used to alleviate it.
Peggy Bailey, VP for Housing Policy, Center on Budget Policies and Priorities
Cat Goughnour, Associate Director, Racial Wealth Equity, ProsperityNow
Maria Coto, Executive Director, Partners for Self-Employment
Facilitated by Terry Chelikowsky, Executive Director, FLACDC
Presentation: Strategies Achieving Equity

Tuesday October 29

Flagler A: Affordable Housing Tips & Techniques Sponsored by BankUnited
Are you considering Net Zero construction options? LEEDS or FGBC quality rehab? Are you seeing or creating, innovative affordable housing choices in your community?  Attend this session and share your thoughts and experiences on the latest in affordable housing trends and construction techniques.
Mike MorinaExecutive Director, FL Home Partnership
Bill LazarExecutive Director, St. John’s Housing Partnership
Moderated by Claire RaleySVP, CD & Outreach, Bank United
Presentations: Housing Tips and Techniques-Morina
Housing Tips and Techniques-Lazar

Flagler B: It’s Good to Have a Plan Sponsored by TD Bank
All successful businesses have a plan that is used to set goals and measure progress and success. Attend this workshop to learn what should be in your organization’s plan and how to create one, even if you have limited resources.
Liz Wooten Reschke, President/Lead Consultant, Connectivity Community Consulting
Introduction by Rob West, Community Development Mgr. 1 VP, TD Bank
Presentation: Its Good to Have a Plan

Flagler C: Opportunity Zones at Work Sponsored by PNC Bank
Join us for a frank conversation about the utility of opportunity zones as a redevelopment tool in our lower-wealth communities. In this workshop we will look at some examples of what may work, what is working and what’s not. We’ll also learn about UACDC’s OZ deal that may end up being one of the largest redevelopment projects in the Tampa area.
Sarah Combs, President/CEO, UACDC
Introductions by Monclaude Nestor, VP, Relationship Mgr. PNC Bank
Presentation: Opportunity Zones at Work

Flagler A: Opportunities in Entrepreneurship Sponsored by BBVA
Small businesses are one of the largest drivers in Florida’s economy so how do we help create more of them? Join us for a conversation about creating, growing and supporting more of the smallest businesses in the marketplace in your community.
John Martinez, Executive Director, Centro Campesino
Maria Coto, Executive Director, Partners for Self-Employment
Moderated by John Lasswell, VP, Community Relations Officer, BBVA
Presentation: Opportunities in Entrepreneurship

Flagler B: The Nuts & Bolts of Successful Collaboration Sponsored by Neighborhood Lending Partners
Is your organization a good partner? Attend this session to learn how to structure an effective partnership, create a binding MOU, define roles for maximum efficiency and negotiate a fair distribution of resources.
Shahrzad Emami, Director, Affordable Housing & CD Legal Project, Legal Services of Greater Miami
Aidza AntonioThomas, Executive Director, Solitas House
Belix Parks, Client Services Mgr., Domain Homes
Moderated by Mary Fellows, SVP, NLP Inc.
Presentation: Nuts and Bolts of SuccessfulCollaboration

Flagler C: Financial Counselor Certification: What You Need to Know Sponsored by Wells Fargo
If your organization provides financial counseling services, you need to attend this session. Come learn what you need to do to prepare your employees so they can obtain and sustain this newly required certification.  Join the conversation with HUD, FPP and a practitioner organization to hear the latest.
Benjamin Yanetta, Housing Program Specialist, HUD Jacksonville Field Office
Kim Henderson, CEO, NHSSF
Bill Mills, President/CEO, Florida Prosperity Partnership
Moderated by Candice Simmons, VP, Community Relations Sr. Consultant-Central FL, Wells Fargo
Presentation: Financial Counselor Certification

12pm Luncheon & FLACDC Membership Meeting Sponsored by NeighborWorks America
Facilitated by  Sarah Combs, FLACDC Board Chair; Jaime Lee-Brown, VP of Community Services, Community Partners of SF and Terry Chelikowsky, Executive Director, FLACDC
Presentation: CD Identity

Flagler A: Relating Community Development to Racial Equity Goals Sponsored by FifthThird Bank
In 2018, the National Alliance for Community and Economic Development Associations published ‘Talking Values’, a platform designed to drive conversations around sometimes difficult issues facing our field. If you want to take a truly deep dive into this topic, sign up for this facilitated conversation. Participation is limited to 25 individuals who will be asked to read and reflect on a short essay prior to the session where they will share their thoughts.
Facilitated by Faith Pullen, Executive Director, FL Association for Community Action
Introduction by Dawn Ofodile, AVP, CED, 5/3 Bank

Flagler B: Building a Successful Board Sponsored by Regions Bank
Nonprofit board members are asked to wear a number of different hats; they need to both represent the community the organization is serving and have the professional skills needed to oversee the business of the corporation. In this session you’ll learn how to identify, engage, recruit and KEEP the board members you need to be successful.
Liz Wooten Reschke, President/Lead Consultant, Connectivity Community Consulting
Introduction by Stephen Ponzillo, AVP & Community Relations Officer, Regions Bank
Presentation: Building a Successful Board

Flagler C: Health & the Arts– Making it Work in Your Community Sponsored by Valley Bank
A healthy community is composed of many parts – good employment
opportunities and schools, safe neighborhoods, access to transportation and healthcare and more. In this workshop, we will discuss how culture and the arts are also parts of this mix and look at some examples of how its working in communities her and across the country.
Kelley SamsVisiting Research Scholar, UF Center for Arts in Medicine
Karla Gottlieb, Director of Partnership Engagement, Opa-Locka CDC
Introductions by Thais Sullivan1st VP, Corp. Social Responsibility & Regional CRA/Community Lending Officer – FL, Valley Bank
Presentation: Health and Arts

4pm Laying the Foundation for an Equitable Future Sponsored by CenterState Bank
If we can agree that inequity is, to some extent, part of our basic social, economic and governmental systems, then we need to start taking steps to address it. In this session we will focus on 2 fundamentals: being counted in the census and exercising the right to vote. Participating in these activities is part of the foundation for creating a more equitable society. Join us to learn how you can help your residents take charge of their own futures by making sure everyone is counted in 2020 and everyone who is eligible is registered to vote.
Channa Lloyd, Florida Partnership Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau
Carla Christianson, 1st VP & Voter Service Chair, LWV of Volusia County
Peggy Bailey, VP for Housing Policy, Center on Budget Policies and Priorities
Moderated by  Barbara Allen, AVP, CD & Outreach Officer, CenterState Bank
Presentation: Equitable Future 2020 Census

Wednesday October 30

9am Economic Development and the Impact of Technology & Job Automation Sponsored by Iberia Bank
How will artificial intelligence and increased job automation effect Florida’s future employers and employees? What kinds of impacts will this have on people in our communities? Come learn about this pressing issue and how you can begin preparing your community for these major changes to Florida’s workforce.
Tony Carvajal, President & CEO, The Able Trust
Introduction by Charles Harris, Executive Director, Central FL CAA
Presentation: ED and Tech Job Automation

10:30am FLACDC Funder Forum   Sponsored by BB&T
What motivates a funder? How do they decide which pieces of a proposal are most important? What do they really need to hear to help them make the decision to support your work?  What do they think support for our work will like over the next 5-10 years? Join us for a timely conversation on how to better understand what funders want and need and what you need to do to become a more attractive investment for them.
Paige Carlson-Heim, Director, Office of Charitable & Community Giving, TD Charitable Foundation
Mark Walker, Knowledge Management & Technology Officer, Jesse Ball DuPont Fund
Introductions by Louis Freeman, Sr. VP, CRA/Community Development, BB&T
Facilitated by Frank Woodruff, Executive Director, NACEDA